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Owen's Litter
Updates on Owen's Litter and their journey through the service world.
The head trainer indicated that all the puppies did well with their temperament test.

Opal (Mom)

Obie - 12/15/13

* Flying out Saturday to Canine Partners of Rockies, Aurora CO


Odella - 12/15/13

* Leaving January 2nd or 3rd for St. Francis Service Dogs,

  Roanoke VA


Odette - 12/15/13

* Flying mid-January to PAALS (Palmetto Animal Assisted Life

  Service, SC)


Oboe - 12/15/13

* Staying with SSD


Orlando - 12/15/13

* Staying with SSD


Olympia - 12/15/13

* Matched with a family that lost a 19 year old son.  The family's hope

   is to raise Olympia for a client with a psychiatric disorder.


* Had eye surgery 12/17/13 and recovering nicely.