Slow Down, Be Alert and Save a Life!





Slow Down, Be Alert and Save a Life!





Silence of Mary Home



Market Street

Harrisburg, PA



Orange 4 Owen Room 

Silence of Mary



In the gospels, Mary is mostly silent, saying yes to God's will. The words attributed to her are very powerful and full of meaning. At the wedding feast of Cana, she instructed the servers, "Do whatever He tells you." John 2:5. Good advice then and now.


The Silence of Mary was founded by Sue and Vern Rudy in 1999, on that advice. Following the urgings of the Holy Spirit, the Silence of Mary is committed to serving Jesus in the chronically poor, whether they live within our family homes or in the inner cities of Harrisburg, Pennsylvania or Fort Wayne, Indiana.


In Harrisburg, we work closely with Dauphin County to identify those that do not have a home or a place to go. The individuals or families may have mental illnesses, mental retardation or physical disabilities. They may be on a housing list, timed out of a shelter, kicked out of a home or place that they were staying. They are young and old. They sometimes stay short term, and some stay for years.